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March 2019 Capitol Hill Report

The future of manufacturing lies in smart manufacturing—defined as the integration of sensors, controls, and software platforms to optimize performance at the production unit, plant, and supply chain levels. This publication explores the crucial role of information governance (covering artificial intelligence, technical standards, cybersecurity, and digital trade) on smart manufacturing.

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Trump's Deregulatory Record: An Assessment at the Two-Year Mark

 Keith B. Belton and John D. Graham

March 2019

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Smart Factories: Issues of Information Governance

 Keith B. Belton, Ryan Olson, David J. Crandall, Angus Low, Scott J. Shackelford, and Susan Ariel Aaronson 

March 2019

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Registered Apprenticeship Programs Serving Indiana Manufacturers: The Sponsors’ Perspective

Lauren N. Smith, Alexia Maggos, Keith B. Belton, Derek C. Wietelman, Lilian Yahng, and Ashley Clark

December 2018

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